iTAN is an award-winning retail health and beauty salon, specializing in UV-based and spray tanning, as well as a variety of spa services, like hydro-massage and teeth whitening. Its first store opened in 2001, but as the business grew, it moved to a franchise business model, expanding the iTAN brand throughout all of San Diego County.


As is often the case with a franchise-based organization, iTAN found their brand was becoming increasingly fragmented across its many independently operated locations. Without consistency in how brand messages were being disseminated at the retail store level, their identity was suffering and consumer loyalty was low.


iTAN was in need of a new unified brand to reestablish and reconnect itself to its consumers. Founder Faraje Kharsa turned to us to lead all marketing efforts for the company, and we, in turn, delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy that would ultimately fortify their brand from the online user experience to their in-store customer experience. To pull the brand together, we revamped their web presence, designed their in-store experience with collateral and signage, and launched an entirely new menu, upping offerings to a higher value for a lifetime customer. We generated a comprehensive tool kit for franchisees to manage the iTAN brand for the long-term, and handled the grand openings for new stores as they opened. As brand cohesion began to develope, we elevated iTAN’s value above its competition, we set our sights on driving total revenue through new iCLUB memberships.

Building a Brand System

Brand Characteristics

Logo Design & Illustration Style

Brand Communication

Once we brought together a cohesive look and feel for a brand, we conveyed the superior quality and value of iTAN, giving target audiences a reason to not only choose iTAN but view it as the gold standard in their industry.

 Print Ad Design

Billboard Design


Digital Ads, Social Media & Transit Billboard


Web Design + Digital Design

Offering customers a distinct interactive experience is at the heart of forward-thinking brands. We designed all of iTAN’s online elements to connect with the consumer and their lifestyle. This entailed transitioning iTAN’s rather static site to a fresher, more dynamic one, which featured sliders with call-out boxes, social integration and a blog feed.

Website Design

Email Marketing




Date published

May 4, 2018