Gryphon WiFi

Gryphon offers a wireless router that helps parents protect their children from harmful content – and protect their home network from intrusion. The system includes a powerful network-based protection platform in an elegant, high-performance WiFi router system, a simple to use App, and machine learning that will continuously improve the system’s functionality over time. The company tapped Jacob Tyler to help design and launch their flagship product with a campaign that included packaging design, a landing page, copywriting, social media and more.

Engaging a New Audience

Since Gryphon was an entirely new brand, the company needed a way to get the word out to its target audience. Jacob Tyler developed a series of landing pages focused on specific product benefits to increase conversion based on consumer needs.

The Gryphon App

Our team of UX designers took Gryphon’s existing app to another level based on insights gained user testing. The end result was an easy to use and simple to understand interface.


The packaging design embodies Gryphon’s unique product design and overall visual identity.



Interactive Design


Date published

May 3, 2018