Designing for Designers

When the San Diego chapter of the AIGA – the premier professional association for designers – wanted to boost attendance for their 17th annual Y conference, we were up to the task – setting the goal of making 2017 the attended Y conference of the decade. Jacob Tyler was tasked with creating a theme for the event that would engage designers across the country.

The Challenge

Growth on a budget. The Y conference had only a moderate budget – but needed significant strategic marketing and traditional collateral. And the goal was to completely sell out the event prior to its opening. We turned on our creative engines and got to work developing a design and theme that would catch the eye of design pros across the country and position the event as a “must attend” for anyone in a creative field.

Driving Traffic

Mission accomplished. Jacob Tyler created a theme and identity called “DRIVE” focusing on the passion of creative designers and entrepreneurs to learn and grow in their careers. We created a dynamic site to showcase a linear path of learning and growth to the design community, encourage registrations, and create a high percentage of site conversion. Jacob Tyler was also tasked with planning and creating ALL event collateral (including direct mail, posters, brochures, lanyards, apparel, etc..) and on-site decoration. The overall result was a sell-out crowd one month in advance of the show and additional space created for satellite viewers.

Logo Design

Print & Promotional Material

Website Design

We developed a dynamic website that showcased a linear path of learning and growth to the design community, encourage registrations and create a high conversion rate of registrations.

Stage Design

In addition to creating branding for the entire event, we were also asked to build a set design for keynote talks and group panels. The design was meant to invoke the comfort of a casual “home” setting, where panelists would feel comfortable and the audience would feel like they were part of the conversation.

The Result

The result of our overall branding efforts was a sell-out crowd, weeks in advance of the event and the organization’s most successful conference to date.





Date published

May 4, 2018